Kuno Beller’s Developmental Chart Certification for Teacher Trainers

Course: Kuno Beller’s Developmental Chart Certification Course for Teacher Trainers

Berlin 10-12 January 2019 and 21-22 June 2019

The course is designed for teacher trainers who want to teach or use Kuno Beller’s Developmental Chart in their own courses and who want to learn more about the foundations and practical uses of the method of observation. The course aims to give participants fundamental, in-depth knowledge of various aspects of the method of observation and offers them a model for training sessions that they can use in their own courses. Topics include:

  • History and theoretical background of the method of observation
  • Pedagogical function of the developmental chart
  • Foundations of developmental diagnostics and their relation to the developmental chart
  • Using Kuno Beller’s Developmental Chart
  • Making and evaluating developmental profiles
  • Translating observations into individualized learning experiences         
  • Developmental chart as a foundation for parent-teacher conferences and collaboration with other programs (early childhood development programs, etc.)
  • Introduction to the course curriculum for Developmentally Appropriate Stimulation of Child Development Using the Developmental Chart 

The course takes place over the span of five days with a supervised praxis phase in between. In the praxis phase, participants gather experience with using the course design.
After successful participation (attendance and completion of tasks), participants receive a document that certifies their comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of the observational method of Kuno Beller’s Developmental Chart and their ability to hold courses on the use of the method.
Each participant will also receive a package with relevant texts, information, and practical examples as well as the complete course curriculum with all necessary materials.

Our regularly offered courses are conducted in German. Courses in English can be arranged upon request.



January 10-12, 2019 and June 21-22, 2019




Dr. Simone Beller  


max. 10


850 euros

Registration deadline:

December 21, 2018


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