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Video-Based Training for Stimulating Language Development

Methods of video analysis for increasing the degree to which educators stimulate child language development – Course for teachers and principals/institution leaders

Our special method of video analysis is a scientifically proven method for educators to analyze their behaviors in everyday interactions with children. In our courses, we use video analysis to increase the degree to which educators stimulate children’s language development in everyday situations. Video analysis involves making videos of natural situations in the classroom and analyzing short segments later on. The analysis is conducted using objective, transparent criteria for what constitutes good practice for stimulating language development and for what constitutes a democratic teaching style. The method uses these criteria to give educators a clear idea of how effective they are at stimulating a child’s language development in the analyzed segment. This allows them to take a more objective view of their own teaching style, which paves the way for educators to discuss alternative approaches and ways they might interact with children differently. By encouraging regular self-reflection and discussion among colleagues, the method aims to make educators more effective at stimulating language development in all kinds of everyday situations in their classes. The ESIA Project empirically proved that the method had a positive effect on the language development of children in groups in which it was used (E. K. Beller, et al., 2006; S. Beller, et al., 2009; S. Beller, 2014).

The course is designed for pre-school teams or for school leaders who want to use the method at their institutions.

The course consists of a two-day introduction and one to three further one-day sessions for the evaluation of participants’ translation of their knowledge into practice. Participants learn how to use the method with video recordings of themselves before learning how to train others in the method. During the praxis phase, participants can consult with the trainer. 

Participants will be given requisite course materials at the start of the course.

Our regularly offered courses are conducted in German. Courses in English can be arranged upon request.

If you are interested in the course, please send us a message and we will make an offer tailored to your needs.



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